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Utah SEO by Zavgo

About Us

SEO Utah by Zavgo

Founded in 2013 as a Utah SEO company, Zavgo SEO is now a full-service digital marketing agency providing SEO, PPC campaign management, Social Media Marketing, logo design, and web design to help clients generate revenue.

Our unique approach pairs metrics-rich methodology with an understanding of our clients’ business goals and challenges. We combine a deep expertise across industry verticals, smart use of automation and efficient use of analytics to inform data-driven decision-making. Unlike other Utah SEO companies, we focus on generating high quality prospects that lead to quantifiable revenue.

What sets us apart from other Utah SEO companies? At Zavgo SEO, each client has a dedicated team employing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, and/or Social Media Marketing (SMM) to create remarkable, results-driven marketing programs.

Need help getting on the first page of google, let the best SEO company in Utah help you reach your goals.

Most Recent Post

by Salem Robert

May11Benefits of good SEO

Here at Zavgo the Utah SEO company, we believe that good SEO is more than gaming the system; it’s the application of a solid marketing strategy for both your content and online advertisements. It may seem like daunting work on the front-end, but that’s where we come in. We handle all the heavy lifting for you, partnering together with your business to achieve big wins. If you’re wondering what that looks like, here’s a few of the benefits that our Utah SEO company brings to the table.

Good SEO drives traffic to your site. The way that the search engine algorithms work is that they look for good matches between what a potential customer is searching for and the content on your site. The closer that you can get to syncing-up with your customers, the more traffic and potential sales you’ll get.

Good SEO saves you a lot of money. Think about department store sales print advertisements. For the most part, they target anyone and everyone. It’s almost like they really don’t care who comes to their store, as long as they have people in the door. The problem with this approach online is that if you’re targeting anyone and everyone with your online advertisements and maybe even a few false keywords, you’re wasting a lot of money. You want the right people coming to your site. You want customers actually interested in buying your product, rather than a whole bunch of irrelevant traffic. Good SEO helps make that happen.

Good SEO provides a better customer experience. Our unique style of Utah SEO focuses on what your customers are looking for and matches it up with what you have to offer. If you think about your own online experience, there’s nothing more frustrating than being Rick-Rolled in your search for what you want. A good SEO strategy guides your content creation and sales language by pairing your customer’s specific needs and desires to the kinds of phrases and keywords they may be searching for.

To quote Sherlock Holmes, “It’s elementary.” Good SEO doesn’t just save you a lot of money, it makes you a lot money. If the content of your website matches up with what your targeted customers are searching for, then you’re going to see an increase in sales. The incoming traffic to your site will be relevant to your business, resulting in lower bounce rates, a better customer experience and big wins for everyone.


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